Electric scooters

Whether you are looking for a suitable model for long journeys or an urban city model, Emove offers a model that is durable and hard to use. Emove is a real test success from the USA. With comprehensive accessories, you get additional features for your own needs. We are confident that we will find what you need. You can also put us a message for more information.

Electric scooters have found a new circle of friends for 12-16 year olds who used to want a moped. The electric scooter offers the same freedom of movement, at a significantly lower cost. And the youngest start driving at the age of less than 12 years. The carbonless brushless engine is very maintenance-free, and the electricity as a power source is cheaper than gasoline. The electric scooter is also easy to take inside, so there is no need to worry about vandalism towards the driver. And there are no problems with the start-up, the battery will definitely start when charged. New user group is grown up men, which haven’t had decent and strong boards available before. Now that problem is also solved out. Although there is no helmet obligation, we recommend using it for your own safety.

Emove Cruiser offers a 100km action ride. The unlimited model ran aggressively in the test, loading over 80km. The maximum weight of the board user is 160kg, so two adults can travel with it. The power in the motor is 600W continuous power, with a peak power of 1600W.

Emove Touring is an urban city board that makes business trips successful even in the busiest city. The action distance is 40km, and there is no magic trick to it even from that distance. Despite its light weight, 17kg, the maximum weight of the user is 140kg.


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