Emove offers comprehensive accessories that allow you to tailor the ride to your own needs.

Emove Cruiser‘s backpack is a sturdy plastic hard case that protects your camera, cell phone, or whatever you need to take with you. The bag cassette includes mounting accessories for installation. Internal dimension 21.6 x 17.8 x 8.9 cm, load capacity 23 kg. There is an English language video on the installation on Youtube, it can be found here >>

Emove Cruiser’s front fender arose from feedback from the owners. After trying 4 different ones, we ended up with this model. The front fender effectively protects the rider from rainwater in rainy air. Delivery does not include mounting screws.

Emove Cruiser’s with wrist throttle, you can increase speed like a moped and motorcycle, rotating the throttle grip on your wrist. You can find the YouTube installation video here >>

Emove Cruiser’s another option is thumb throttle, which may be more familiar from smaller electric scooter models. The installation video can also be found here, a link to the Youtube guide video here >>