The only electric scooter you will ever need.

The most complete electric scooter in the world. Everything you need on a business trip is packed in one electric scooter. There is a reason why owners fall in love with this scooter. An updated 2021 model is now available, with a powerful 1000W rated motor, new battery technology, updated handlebar and front fender.

Unmatched durability

The Emove Cruiser is made to last long distances, up to 100km on a single charge. Tested, it can save more than 80km without saving any battery. The battery is a high-quality 30ah battery made by LG, in addition to its long life, it also lasts a long time. You don’t always have to be downloading. Durability is also the carrying capacity, the sturdy model can withstand a maximum of 160kg per user, or even two 80kg adults. The battery is still enough for a long journey.

The best even better

The new upgrade brought the best tires you can get to a scooter, pneumatic tubeless tires with the same quality as car tires. As a result, the typical problems of scooters with tires were virtually eliminated. The failure rate has been 0.003%.

Scooter for travel and on the go

The ability to fold the handlebar makes it easier to take the scooter with you in the car, or take the Cruiser to the office and put it under the table.

The wide and sturdy standing deck is designed to be safe and easy to balance, this makes driving a great experience. It is also easier to lay your feet on the wide deck as is best for yourself.

Safety first

Take control with new hybrid brakes that increase braking performance. The Emove Cruiser also has dual suspension, front suspension and rear air suspension. With these, traveling becomes comfortable and safe.

Technical info

Battery is best quality LG, 52V/30ah, offering real life 100km range. 10” Pneumatic Tubeless Car Grade Tire for Front and Rear offers longest life range ever meet on scooter’s tyre.  Front and Rear XTECH Hydraulic Brakes makes you really stop when it’s needed. Extended visibility packet offers front light, front side lights, brake light and turning signals. Front Dual Suspension and Rear Air Shock Suspension gives smoothies ride ever. Cruise control easy up your long journeys.

Range Charging time
100km 9-12 hours
Speed Size folded
25km/h (EU) 124 x 35 x 35cm
Climbing Size unfolded
10 degree 121 x 57,5 x 118cm
Water resistance What’s in the package
1 x Emove Cruiser
Weight 1 x Charger
23kg 1 x User manual
Maimum load Warranty
160kg max. 1 year