Introducing the new EMOVE Touring, the only electric scooter you will ever need to travel around. The EMOVE Touring is arguably one of the best scooters around this lower price point, that is built for comfort and speed. Loaded with features of larger and more expensive models, the Touring is also built with portability and last mile travel in mind. It comes in 3 colors: Black, White and Orange.


Weighing at only about 39 lbs (17kg), the Touring is small and convenient to carry around, giving riders the amazing flexibility and portability of carrying it single-handedly up a flight of stairs or anywhere you like! Fold it under 3 seconds. Push handlebar forward, press down the lever, done! Easy storage – Keep in trains, buses or your car.

While the EMOVE Touring is lightweight, it can carry up to a maximum weight of 330 lbs which makes it suitable even for slightly heavier riders or if you have a heavy load to carry around.


Although the EMOVE Touring is lightweight and more budget-friendly, it certainly does not compromise on speed and range. While most other scooters around the same price range does not offer much speed or range, the EMOVE Touring gives the ability of hitting a top speed of up to 25 mph* and also has a decent battery size that allows up to 25 miles in range.


Equipped with a 48V 500W powerful rear brushless hub motor, the EMOVE Touring peaks at around 750w, giving it the power and agility of bigger rides. Built with the riders’ comfort in mind, the EMOVE Touring has a wide deck of about 21.8-inches by 7-inches of standing space which gives you more than enough space to keep your feet planted onto the deck. Say goodbye to squeezing onto tiny deck spaces and fear of falling over!

Touring motor have 500W nominated power and 750W peak power. Battery is high quality LG 48V/13ah, offering real 40km driving range. Tyres are 8″ pneumatic tube car grade tyre in front and 8″ solid rubber tyre with motor in back. Triple front suspension and one in front offer excellent driving experience. Light on front and two on side, plus brake light, ensures visibility in traffic.  Drum brake on back wheel makes you stop when it’s needed.

Range Charging time
40km 3-4 hours
Speed Size folded
25km/h (EU) 109 x 20 x 29cm
Climbing Size unfolded
15 degree 100 x 56 x 120cm
Water resistance What’s in the package
1 x Emove Touring
Weight 1 x Charger
17kg 1 x User manual
Maimum load Warranty
140kg max. 1 year