Emove and Noxidi: 1-year warranty from the date of purchase under the warranty conditions below. The guarantee is valid in its entirety in Finland and Åland and to a limited extent in other economic areas.

  1. The warranty specified by the manufacturer starts from the date of purchase of the product, not from the date of commissioning.
  2. The warranty only covers defects due to defects in materials and workmanship. Accessories can be used for repair.
  3. In the event of a warranty claim, please contact the dealer from whom the product was purchased.
  4. The product warranty provided by the bicycle manufacturer does not cover accessories that are installed on the product as accessories.
  5. The warranty does not cover defects due to non-performance or inadequate maintenance by the purchaser, use of non-original spare parts, incorrect repair or modification of the product without the written consent of the manufacturer or normal wear and tear and deterioration.
  6. Defects or defects in parts that, according to the maintenance instructions, require regular maintenance or adjustment after delivery are not considered to be defects under warranty, unless the defect or defect persists after expert adjustment and maintenance. The product warranty also does not cover malfunctions caused by exceptional weather conditions.
  7. Minor defects in exterior surfaces that do not affect the strength or usability of the product, as well as minor irregularities in painting, varnishing, chrome plating or defects in surfaces due to weather variations or normal use in general, are not considered to be defects under warranty.
  8. Defects caused by uncontrolled driving or abnormal private use, such as rental, racing or similar, are also not covered by the warranty.
  9. Defects or defects in the product during transport or improper storage will not be covered by the product warranty.
  10. The warranty only covers parts such as the engine, battery, controller and LCD display, excluding damage caused by the use of the driver.
  11. The warranty is not transferable or renewable after the first sale of the product.
  12. No unauthorized changes may be made to the product, its performance or anything else to void the warranty.
  13. Towing, loss of time, loss of use, inconvenience, incidental or consequential damages will not be compensated.
  14. The warranty is not valid if water damage caused by the weather is found. The owner is responsible for storage and protection from the weather.
  15. The warranty does not cover minor surface defects, tears, tears, tire breakage or other cosmetic damage resulting from normal use or other intentional or unintentional damage to the product.
  16. The warranty does not cover damage caused by the application of unsuitable cleaning agents, solvents or chemicals to the product, water damage, smoke or soot, or exposure to salt water, sea breeze or salt.
  17. The warranty does not cover damage due to aging, such as fading of the paint, deterioration of coated surfaces, deterioration or rusting of rubber or plastic.
  18. The warranty does not cover incorrect repair or incorrect diagnosis of problems.
  19. The warranty only covers parts such as the engine, battery, controller and LCD display, excluding damage caused by the driver.
  20. The warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents or any personal negligence.
  21. The warranty does not cover screws, nuts and bolts damaged by natural corrosion.
  22. The product warranty does not cover consequential damages to other property.WARRANTY COVERAGE Replacement of parts

    To get your scooter back up and running as quickly as possible, after accepting your warranty claim, UHK Oy will provide you with the necessary spare parts and provide guided assistance for repair.Repair services

    In connection with an approved warranty claim, UHK Oy can arrange repair services for you at no additional cost if you do not know how or you do not have time to make repairs to the product. However, the customer is responsible for all transportation, taxes, uncovered replacement of parts and other third party costs. The customer can deliver the product repair function himself if he wants to do so to avoid possible delivery costs.

    Limited Warranty (Rest of the World)

    The limited warranty covers spare parts and their delivery, after an accepted warranty claim, to the same address where the product order was originally placed.


    Contact sales first for warranty issues and repairs.
    Email. myynti@uhkpalvelu.fi
    Tel. 040 158 7033